Welcome New Website with many preferences in 10 MONTHS

Welcome New Website with many preferences in 10 MONTHS , cheap plane ticket , plane tickets with discount.
Preferential discounts to customers who purchase Tickets 10 .

Dear customers , company , hotel, single guest .
Website occasion : http://www.thegioviere.net given company , Radio priority level discounting for customers to set the ticket be in October as sau tools :
It Vietjet Air discounting 20.000VND/ve/chieu
Carrier Vietnam Airlines discounting 10.000VND/ve/chieu Chang SG-HN/HP/VII
It Vietnnam Airlines discounting 5.000VND/ve/chieu Chang SG-DAD/DLI/PXU/BMV/CXR
5.000VND/ve/chieu a discount airline Jetstar Pacific .
All international buyers discounting 2USD/ve / Chang .
Objects applicable : single guest , guest company , hotel, all customers receive promotional email .
Communication is hidden world where ticket free. The same ticket price as of orange pylons , do not set for rating . Check ticket at http://www.thegioivere.net . Please know what to say with Employee tuner be under email this page were extracted . Acknowledgment on the cooperation of you client .
World Co., Ltd. cheaper tickets
90 La Xuan Oai , P.Tang Nhon Phu A , Q9 HCM 0,312,462,271 MST
EM : 0838891880 – Y / S : vuthanhlinh2000
Email : thegioivere@gmail.com
Ym : vuthanhlinh2000 – thanhlinh06hue – thanhlinh02nhi
Source : http://thegioivere.net

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